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Sep 2016 - nice article about my new course: Music production.

Dez 2015 - Producing the CD "Wien wird bei Nacht erst schön". This is music from 1930 played by a jazztrio. I did everything from recording, mixing, mastering, coverdesign and also built the new homepage of the band. Of course I also played the drums. Check out: ART anno

Nov 2015 - Working on my contribution to the adamaudio-composer-contest, a picture was given, find the result on my showreel audios: Moonrider

Sept 2015: A lot is going on, many gigs during summer. Currently I'm composing music for the short film "16,67" from swiss director Ruben Schwab. It's about a strange facebook challenge called "killing game. So there is no dialog the music has to tell the story - besides the picture of course :-) - this gives me great opportunities and is fun!

Feb 2015: Finished my Master thesis: Drum Programming vs. Remote Recording of Drums. Feel free to have a look at the english or the german version.

Jan 2015 - Currently working on a 70-minute dokumentary about a 80 year old woman who is showing people how to create houses of clay in india. Listen to the new music in showreel: "Holy Buddha".

Nov 2014 - Playing the first show (opening night) in Palazzo, seasons beginning of almost daily shows till March 2015. Great artists!!

the drummers view from stage  nice tent of palazzo

Oct 2014 - TV-Interview at a concert with my band "The FeMale Jazz Art"

Sept 2014 - Currently composing for the short film "The cleaner" from director Christoph Lettner. It's a crime, and the music get's crunchy - stay tuned!

Aug 2014 - My first composition with lyrics (yes a real song!) is out now! Many thanx to Celina Ann who wonderfully texted and sung! Listen on my showreel-page, it's called "The house of clay and stone"

Jun 2014 - My Masters course (music for film & media) final work is finished :-) It's a short film from swiss director David R. Kramer called "Sühne".

"Drei Araber in Bad Goisern" (composition Andy Winkler, artist: The FeMale Jazz Quartet) was broadcasted on Ö1 in Pasticcio on the 14.3. The moderator has a nice theorie about titles:

The FeMale Jazz Art @ ORF RadioCafe on 27.2. was sold out! For all people who couln't get in: it will be broadcasted in Ö1 in full lenghth (date not fixed yet). It was a very dense atmosphere, a great music journey "Auf nach Spitzbergen"

Playing a concert on 26.2.14 with the Prince Wabra Trio in a living room.This lets me think of the time this was usual - 150 years ago!

Recorded a new soundfile on drums for demo reasons. Thanx to Mr. Dave Grusin who made the piano track (of course he did it without knowing me). You can listen to it here

The rehearsal for the benefit gig in Viennas famous Jazz Club Porgy & Bess (1.3.2014) turned out really cool! Quite normal jazz-lineup (p,b,dr,sax/flute) joined by Timna Brauer on vocal. But the really new and nice thing was the string quartet playing two songs together with us - I really love this sound! And to have 11 people rehearsing at my studio is also nice.

The last module of the Masters course for film & media was really fun. We scored a short movie and listened to our homework, an orchestration for whole orchestra of a piano piece by Schubert. But challenging homework till April - we have to write a 10 minute long symphony!

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